Create Your Own Coin

Create Your Own Crypto Token

In today’s post you will learn how to make your own Crypto token or coin so lets start

I am going to do all this work on ropsten test network and you can also do that on main ether net if you want to launch your coin in worldwide.

There are a few things we need to do to create our own token

1.Create a meta mask account and open ropsten test network look at this screenshot

Download Metamask

2.Need some ether balance on ropsten test network.

how to get eth balance for ropsten test network go to this link

and enter your test net account address and click on send me test ether

After receive test net balance you need to go on this link token script and save all codes in your computer and then edit these code in this Notepad

So let me show you whats code we need to change

Enter your token name 

Change token address

Look at this screenshot below

Now come to line number 116 and enter your coin name and symbol again and enter the same wallet address which you have put on top 

So now we have edited all the codes now time to create our own coin 

go to this link and paste all codes here which you have edited

select the version

After that you need to select your coin see in this screenshot below

Then click on the run from top of the page

And select again your coin and click on deploy

Now open your meta mask account and open your last transaction and click on the small arrow for open transaction history

And copy contract address from the transaction history page

And then click on add token in your meta mask account 

Then click on the custom token and put your token contract address and put your token symbol

and decimal and click on next

Congratulation your token is ready now thanks for read my post 

8 Comments on “Create Your Own Coin”

  1. You haven’t created a COIN. What you have just created in this tutorial is a TOKEN. There is a huge difference between the two and you should make that clear to your users. Also the title to this article is misleading, since I came here to learn to create my own COIN with it’s own blockchain.

    Good info on token creation tho, good job

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