How to earn Large Profit with long Term Trading In Binance

Hello My Friends how are you today? Today I am going to guide you about the Binance trading platform where you can earn a lot of profit by trading with crypto.

First of all, if you don’t have Binance account so create it first from this link below​​​

In the Binance Platform, you will earn profit by trading with different cryptocurrency I suggest to you for the trading of some cryptocurrency.



USDT With Trx

And my experience is long term trading of these coins.

I have just deposit 60 Dollar in Binance 2 months ago and now I have 500 above dollars in my Binance account and I have grown it with the trading of those coins which I have mentioned.

And my trading rule is timeless and very simple I have complete 1 trade in 24 hours.

I want to share my experience with you guys so I will guide step by step.

Choose any one coin from the mentioned coins and open the candles of that coins and 24 hours back look at these candles and you can easily understand the high and low price of that coin of 24 hours.

You can see in This screenshot below.

So I have bought this BTT coin on the price of 0.0004201 at 11:40 am yesterday with 400 dollars and after two hours I have sold it at the price of 0.0004389 and I earned 16 dollars profit in just two hours.

you can create a sell order and complete your other works and check it after some time. 

If you want to earn from binance I will train you free anyone can contact me.

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