Bitcoin And Gold Which is better?

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As a consultant, I am often faced with the question “What exactly is Bitcoin?” To answer this, let’s get rid of all the digital concepts that are in Bitcoin. Suppose that Bitcoin is something real like gold, for example, and imagine that you are now holding a lump of gold in your hand. Easy, right?

Now I ask, who created gold? Nothing, God is the creator and we cannot prove His existence or His true identity if it really exists. So far, there hasn’t been any individual or company that can create gold.
To get gold, we must first mine it or buy it from the nearest gold shop. This precious metal is spread all over the world, applicable and can be traded in any country, even though it was not created by a real person.
Gold is available in limited quantities, and this is what causes the price to increase from time to time.

Bitcoin is exactly like that, but the difference is, it is digital or invisible. So now imagine that you’ve conjured the gold into something virtual and stored on your computer or smartphone. Bitcoin has all the important aspects that gold has, but its shape is like a pulse. Amazing, right?

We can summarize that Bitcoin has gold-like characteristics as follows:

Bitcoin trading is a high-risk activity. Bitcoin prices fluctuate, where prices can change significantly over time. please use extra consideration in making the decision to buy or sell Bitcoin. BITCOIN does not force users to buy or sell Bitcoin, as an investment, or for profit. All Bitcoin trading decisions are independent decisions by users.

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