Bitcoin News(20/04) : BitMEX donate 2.5 million anti-epidemic COVID-19

Hello Gusy in today,s post I have explain about bitcoin donation for COVID-19

As of this time, the amount of donations is at 2.5 million, which can divide by four organizations to finance the anti-epidemic activities.

These four organizations are Gates Philanthropy Partners, Nuclear Threat Initiative, OpenMined and Our World in Data.

Each organization will receive a funding range of 300,000 USD to 1 million USD.

He or Hayes, co-founder and CEO of HDR Global said:

Hayes added that the four organizations are working to stop the spread of coronavirus and minimize rock bottom possible risk.

BitMEX operators aren’t the sole cryptocurrency company committed to support and donate money against this epidemic.

At the start of April 4, Binance was also committed to support a minimum of 2.4 million to shop for medical equipment.

Binance is predicted to donate 2 million USD through the foundation’s charity.

The Blockchain company Bitfury recently announced the utilization of its GPU power to support the coronavirus research.

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