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Ripple XRP Coin

short definition Of XRP Coin

XRP is the currency that runs on a digital payment platform called RippleNet, which is on top of a distributed ledger database called XRP Ledger.

Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network created by Ripple Labs Inc. a US-based technology company. The ledger employs the decentralized native cryptocurrency known as XRP, which as of April 2020 was the Forth-largest coin by market capitalization.

The current Ripple CEO is Brad Garlinghouse, who owns a reported 6.3% stake in the company, as well as additional XRP tokens. His net worth, based on the current rate, would be nearly $10 billion, placing him in the mid-50s on Forbes’ list of wealthiest Americans.

XRP came into existence in 2012 with a 100 billion supply. Of which, 20 billion XRP were retained by the creators (Jed, Chris and Arthur — also founders of and shareholders in OpenCoin) and the remaining 80% were gifted to OpenCoin.

Whats reason to makes XRP coin?

Ripple Coin

The primary use case for XRP is intended to be for transfer of other currencies (or indeed commodities such as gold or oil) over the Ripple network.” Each time a money (or asset) transferring organisation such as a bank uses the network to conduct a transfer and settlement, the cost is deducted in a small amount of XRP.

XRP is a token used for representing the transfer of value across the Ripple Network. The main purpose of XRP is to be a mediator for other – both cryptocurrencies and fiat – exchanges.

How To earn XRP(Ripple)?

XRP Coin

you can earn 0.01 XRP every 24 hours for free via XRPArcade’s Tipper. This isn’t a faucet. To better explain, I will quote the website.

Here you can read all about how to earn Xrp free

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